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You might not be cool with religious characters being used in fiction and rp, or with the particular nature of this one, if so, that's totally fine! Just let me know here if you want to avoid tagging him!

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Judah Behar



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18+?: Yep
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NAME: Judas Iscariot (Yehudah ish Kerioth)
AGE: Died at about 30 and physically unchanging but now technically 2000+
CANON: Saint Young Men

CANON HISTORY: Everything in the Bible (and all religion and ancient religious mythology for that matter) are treated as canon, basically. Once in a while something's treated as intentional misinformation or a misinterpretation/exaggeration, mostly to account for multiple versions of stories throughout different books, or for the sake of a gag. The author's actually very knowledgeable too, so can confirm, everything's well in tact there. Dante's Inferno is also canon, as in, Dante actually went to Hell and saw the things he wrote about. And then there's the actual manga where the main premise is Jesus and Buddha are vacationing from Heaven as roommates in present-day Tokyo and sometimes their friends and other figures visit them and everyone struggles to act like normal humanbeings.

But, a rundown of Judas-relevant events:
He was born about 3AD on a farm in Kerioth in southern Judea/now Israel which at the time was quite culturally different than northern Judea, where all the other Apostles originate. Different language, firmly Jewish as opposed to the Jewish with multi-god pagan-like beliefs of the north. Basically made up of former Egyptian slaves and other immigrants and regarded as lesser and outsiders by the northern parts. Because of the Roman occupation he was always very outspoken about injustices and got himself in a lot of trouble until he left home for Jerusalem and met up with Jesus and whoever else was traveling with him at the time, although Judas was one of the first few. As more followers gathered he looked after the group's finances.
It wasn't so much about religion at the start as opposed to protest and rebellion, wanting to instate Jesus as King of Judea and get rid of Herod who was a figurehead appointed by Rome and a tyrant. As they started to become an actual threat and more people pushed for violence rather than demonstration, and Jesus as a religious figure, Judas thought Rome would punish them by massacring the country, and that's what made him help Jerusalem's Sanhedrin counsel in Jesus's arrest and execution. Indeed as the story goes, he was paid 30 pieces of silver to tell them when and where to find him, and his betrayal was predicted during the Last Supper, after which he left to give up the information. Leading soldiers to Gethsemane he identified Jesus with a kiss and followed them to witness the trial. There's a few different versions of his death but in SYM Judas watched the trial and crucifixion, but ran away after Peter and Andrew spotted him, returned to Gethsemane, and hung himself from a tree.

AND THEN HE WENT TO HELL which was a pretty big shock because Hell doesn't exist in Judaism...... It's all pretty much a montage of just under 2000 years of torture as described by Dante, except that while he was often being gnawed on by Lucifer, sometimes he was left in the ice in Cocytus with Brutus and Cassius who took their frustrations out on him, or tortured in various other ways, not just physical but psychological. Apparently he's Lucifer's favourite because he makes it easy. There's also spooky theme music which is probably the worst torture of all. Several times he asked to be able to cash in on 5 indulgences Jesus gave each of the Apostles but was denied until sometime around 2010.

It isn't really made clear what kind of timeline SYM takes place in, as in, how much time actually passes, but upon Judas's first appearance it was his first Easter out of Hell, which was a few years into the series, and he was already out at the start, so it's probably been about two years in total up to the current events? Anyway, present-day manga events are mostly for referencing what happened in the past and what he does during that time is mostly hang around getting used to the way things are in the modern world. He spends most of his time with Peter and Andrew who try to keep an eye on him so he doesn't walk back into Hell, going between Heaven and Earth, visiting Jesus and Buddha. They do regular newfangled stuff like play MMOs, celebrate holidays, go see the cherry blossoms, volunteer, follow Jesus around so he doesn't do anything stupid, play some sportsball (like, Heaven has some kind of bizarre lacrosse-type sport? sportsball). The usual tone of the manga is very light-hearted, silly shenanigans, but generally when Judas shows up it gets...pretty dark pretty fast because of how he is.

CANON PERSONALITY: As the former treasurer among the Apostles, Judas is very careful with money. He absolutely hates spending unless it's going to a cause, and even then he has to be sure it's well spread-out. No buying the slightly better version for more, when the cheaper one will make their money stretch further. Just as the story in the Bible goes, in canon Jesus thinks back on Judas criticising him for using expensive ointment on his hair and feet, saying those are unimportant things, and the money could have gone to feeding the poor. In this case, he remembers how horrified and furious Judas was, to the point that the memory scares him into refusing to wash his hair. There's also the case of Judas being payed thirty bits of silver for his betrayal, which he intended to use to buy a field to farm food for the poor, not quite the story that tends to be, where it was out of greed. But hey that's because he's supposed to be a figure used for the monstrification of all Jews. Also because John (as in the beloved disciple) is an asshole and Judas hates his guts. They tend to fight a lot and John may or may not have put in a few little things to stick it to Judas. It's a point of contention between them and means they now fight all the more. Although Judas likes Buddha's disciple Ananda, who's close with John, so between the two groups they tend to have to put up with eachother quite a lot. It just doesn't usually end well.

Above all else, he wants to help people in need. If he could save them, he would, he wanted, tried and intended to, but at the very least he has to do everything in his power to help. If that means starving or otherwise harming himself, that's fine, everyone else is always put before himself. Not many could truly call it a fault, but for Judas, caring too much definitely is. More than the silver, his reason for betrayal was for being afraid Jesus and his followers were calling too much attention to themselves in an occupied country. He thought the Jews would all be killed because of them, unless they either stepped down, or pushed to make Yeshua king, but it seemed he would do neither. So the lives of thousands were put above the life of a friend. There is nothing he hates more than oppression, prejudice or cruelty, and any instruments in those things and he will always fight back against them. However, he believes himself to have become a coward and someone who would sit on the sidelines, afraid.

He's extremely negative and dwells on the bad. If he can ever see the positive side to things, it's usually followed up by a passive aggressive comment. He's easily worked up, whether it's anger, embarrassment, a depression, his emotions can get pretty extreme, and fast. But more than anything else, he focuses on the past. He can never let the subject of his betrayal go, he hates himself for what he did, and thinks everyone else should too, even though he's been forgiven. If something goes wrong, he just says 'well, I'm Judas, so of course I would ruin it', he even says "sorry for being Judas" when everyone forgets him and leaves him outside the apartment. Something intended to put himself down, but also to be passive aggressive towards Peter and Andrew for forgetting about him. He insists on sitting on the floor when there aren't enough seats at the table, because 'Judas sitting with Jesus again would be traumatic'. While he already puts his own wellbeing after that of others for the sake of helping them, he now sees himself as lower than dirt, so of course everyone matters more than him. He doesn't deserve to be happy and healthy, he shouldn't bother others with his presence. However, instead of trying in vain for further death, what he is truly in danger of is walking back into Hell and stands at the gate on almost a daily basis. Because after all, if he can't truly die, then he should at least suffer. Even more so, he feels buying his way out of Hell was wrong, and was therefore not true forgiveness. He doesn't feel at all accepted among his former friends, although his perception of all these things is entirely wrong, since he sees the worst in every situation.

Because of Andrew and Peter's influence and attempts at some sort of rehabilitation for Judas, he sometimes tries to joke or pull pranks. They come out pretty pathetic though, showcasing some more self-hatred or passive aggressiveness, or otherwise just not being a joke or working out at all. He was banned from playing MMOs with the disciples because of one such selfdetrimental joke upsetting everyone too much. Saying a negative thing and laughing after it is basically how he thinks jokes work. When he's not being dragged around by the brothers, he's been told he shouldn't go out on his own. The reason for this is worry that being so fresh out of Hell, he could very well be lost, others wanting to spend as much time with him as possible, and other such mundane things. But the way he takes it, of course, is that they distrust him. So, when left alone, he sits around fiddling on the computer (brooding while seeing what the others are doing without him), reading books, history or studying language. He hates lacking knowledge for not wanting to seem inferior to others, in life for having been a poor man with little education, seeing himself as an outsider because he was from the south and assuming the rest would think badly of him for it, and now for having missed so much time. It embarrasses him and makes him hate himself all the more for having such a weakness. Likewise, being a small man, his temper is that much greater for having to compensate for an unimpressive size. He's afraid of Lucifer, so avoiding him is high on the priority list. Brutus and Cassius intimidated him while they were trapped in the beast's jaws together, so he's also very glad to be away from them. Although he still fears they might someday come after him for calling for help whenever it seemed they were plotting something. Because of the torture in Hell, he's extremely skittish now, particularly surrounding physical contact. He doesn't like to be touched at all really, unless he's the one initiating it, but especially on his back, as it was so often torn. Conversely, since he's so used to seeing and experiencing horrible things, horror movies/games don't even make him blink, because they're not real, so, whatever.

Judas looks sickly because along with forgetting to eat or sleep quite often, he also loses sleep and his appetite out of guilt. As a religious and God-fearing man, he wishes for retribution for his great sins. But his guilt is not just for the betrayal. He has always felt personal guilt over anything, no matter the scale. He knows full well things like poverty and disease are not his fault, nor something he has control over, but to do the best he can in relieving it for some. And yet he feels so badly for its existence, and his existence free from (at least most of) them, and that he can't help on a large scale, that something like eating can be a huge source of anxiety. It's the reason he's so particular about money, too. He has always seen himself as a failure and generally 'a bad person', mostly inexplicably, but also certainly the guilt. Perhaps for having been told so in younger years, for he always remembers and takes such words to heart. For example, in the Bible passage at the Last Supper, after revealing Judas's betrayal, Jesus says, "The Son of man goeth as it is written of him: but woe unto that man by whom the Son of man is betrayed! it had been good for that man if he had not been born." which could be taken as either cursing or pitying Judas, perhaps both, but, even 1950 years later, Judas refers to it as something that truly disturbs him and makes him say it would be better for everyone if he'd never existed. Because of these feelings, he has also always wanted to die and it's very obvious he's severely depressed. Yeshua has to implore Buddha never speak of Judas's Gospel, because it reads more like a suicide note than anything.

On a better note, Judas is a nerd who likes math. He's like the Rain Man of accounting, he can figure out exceptionally accurate values of random objects instantly. It extends into addition/multiplication/etc, and he's just really good at mathematics in general. He watches people cook and adds up what they're spending, it's weird, a little creepy, Buddha is rightfully a little afraid of him. Especially over the internet. Behind a computer or phone, or even in something like a letter, if it's written in some form, his aggression becomes much less passive. He doesn't filter himself much, if at all, while normally he holds back, trying to be polite, and quiet, so as not to be any kind of nuisance. But in those forms, he doesn't think about it as much, because he doesn't have the immediate consequences or reason to be timid. He's an asshole on the internet.

SKILLS/ABILITIES: The only ability he really has is being absurdly good at math, it's definitely genius level, and he's very smart in general, but the math is just ridiculous. In particular, show him something and he can figure out how much it costs within just a couple seconds. It's a totally useless skill, except to someone as aggressively cheap as he is. In theory he's probably much the same with other mathematics, certainly with anything else accounting related, but he doesn't seem to bother to put it to use in any other way.
He speaks a bunch of languages too, Greek, Hebrew, Aramaic and Egyptian would certainly be there for most in his original time and place, maybe a form of Arabic or Persian too or a little Roman, and he's learnt at least Japanese and English since leaving Hell.
Nothing else is particularly impressive, but he has plenty of survival skills, considering he traveled around homeless for three years and was about the only thing keeping everyone alive. Especially when it comes to farming! His family were farmers so he's very good with crops and manual labour, insofar as he can be when he's so small. He was also entirely self-taught in school-type subjects, reading/writing and second languages, so while he probably worked hard to do so, he absorbs information well.

AU NAME: Judah Behar
AU AGE: 30
PHYSICAL DIFFERENCES: Since Judas is excessively thin and short probably due to malnourishment, and has scars from Hell (and probably farm work), Judah doesn't have those scars and is slim but not unhealthy, and on the shorter end but not all of like 5', maybe 5'7" instead. The sort of thing where other people tell him he's short but it's only because they're tall. His bangs are also shorter so they don't actually cover his eye unless he's really needing a haircut, and while it's drawn purple in the manga, since that's probably analogous with black anyway, it's just black now.

AU HISTORY: Pretty standard middle-class American family, he was born in New York, where his family still lives, including an older sister and her own family. Between an Egyptian father and Syrian mother it was pretty natural he'd start to have an interest in human rights activism. Watching his parents worry about strife in their home countries and worry for the safety of relatives upset him more than anything else, and made him want to do something. But it also made him care more about other people than himself, and while he would stand up for anyone being bullied or harassed in an instant whether on the street or at school, even aggressively, he was a pretty easy target for bullying as he wouldn't do anything at all. His sister being a few years older left their parents and teachers expecting him to do just as well as she did in classes, but while he very well could have, he was too vocal with disagreement and didn't care to do work that didn't interest him. Depression didn't help with that either, and he was lucky to have parents who understood he was mostly just bored with the standard system. College proved to be a lot better in that regard as he could focus on something he was interested in. Not that most people would find accounting very stimulating, but, he always had a soft spot for maths and numbers.

He was raised in Conservative Judaism and he's remained quite religious and sticks to the denomination's view of dietary laws and attends Temple with some regularity, but always for special observances. But he's there at least weekly volunteering teaching classes, mostly for children. There's some dissatisfaction with various beliefs and teachings though, he isn't one to blindly believe and accept things, and he can have a hard time reconciling that. It feels like cheating, but once in a while he attends a different house of worship to see if he might adopt some parts for himself.

He left for Recolle for school and ended up staying. His main area of focus was mathematics and accounting, which lead to forensic accounting and a government job as an auditor. It's a pretty good job, so he could afford to live alone or share a house (or at least a better place), but since most of it is invested in donations, he shares an apartment with Joshua Josephs. Who can be pretty annoying for him really, especially being so bad with money, but at the same time it's so hard to stay mad at him. Even for someone as confrontational and willing to hold a grudge as Judah.

Goes to and even organises a lot of protests and demonstrations, and is pretty active on social justice blogging. Of course, tumblr is also good for dumb memes and talking about fandom. He's big on gaming and film/tv, and started killing time at an arcade between classes after realising his mathematical talent helped enough with oldschool arcade games that he could keep going on a single payment, and therefore it was a cheap and fun option for spending his time. Which has kept him coming back still.

AU PERSONALITY: Well, he's still an asshole on the internet. Or, more like angry and abrasive, between being very involved in social justice blogging and gaming. He isn't needlessly a jerk like Judas, but he's not about to let anyone else be one, and he gets riled up quickly because he's passionate. Equality, doing what's right, helping others, etc are just as important to him as they always were, although he isn't coming at it from the same place. He doesn't need to starve himself for the sake of feeding someone else, he has a real job and can keep himself comfortable and contribute to charities, etc. at the same time. Things are a little different between an educated American and a wandering ancient Jew. He hasn't ever had to struggle to get by or watched his entire community poor, oppressed and disease-ridden.

Being so active on the internet he enjoys some dank memes, especially of the ironic variety, so he still has a shitty sense of humour but it's one that's actually shared with plenty of people and not wholly based in self-hatred, though that doesn't mean he doesn't appreciate some depression-based jokes too. But it's much more a joke, rather than the thinly veiled threats of actual suicidal actions. While he's still has trouble with depression and anxiety, unlike in biblical times there's medication and counseling to help with that, so it's more under control, it isn't totally crippling and that's a pretty big difference. Besides, although it's engraved in his soul to feel guilty over things he can't help, at least he doesn't have things like the murder of the Son of God to beat himself up for. One of the biggest changes there is that despite being an introvert and a bit shy, he's not nearly so skittish with physical contact, etc, as he hasn't experienced a couple thousand years of torture.

Who doesn't like to save money where they can, especially when you have student debt to pay, he doesn't need to live large and buy expensive products, he appreciates coupons and gently used clothing. Some people would call him cheap, sure, in my professional opinion and official jew experience certain stereotypes are very real, but he's not about to lose his mind about saving. No one needs to fear his wrath if they dare to wash their hair. Unless someone's cheating on their taxes, then it's his job to care.

Judah has never had reason to do more than look after house plants and pets so he certainly isn't a farm boy. Likewise his survival skills are doing laundry, making dinner, paying bills.... so basically he would die if you dropped him in the wilderness where as Judas would thrive. He also doesn't know nearly as many languages, just English and Hebrew with a little Arabic from family.


[The recent cleanup of the Hollingberry Field really got Judah thinking. People were willing to come out and help with that, but no one seemed to be taking it upon themselves to help out in other areas. Not without something being organised, and certainly not for the less quaint areas of town. But there's litter everywhere, downtowns naturally draw quite a bit, and parks in that area usually go unnoticed. And that's exactly why he needs to be the one to do something. Not to organise a particular day for it and encourage people to go, but to call the entire city out (or anyway as much of the city as he can reach) on being slobs and ungrateful to nature. Maybe they should do something about it, if they want to be good people at all.

That's why the Retrospec board and all forms of social media are flooded with bad, grainy cell phone photos of various places around town that could use a little attention.]

I couldn't help but notice how many people came out to Hollingberry Field last week, and that's great and all, but before any of you go patting yourselves on the back, think about making a bigger impact. You did an hour or two of work in one spot. It's spotless, positively sparkling now. But all of these places look like shit and no one seems to care. It's just going to get worse too, enticing potential litterers to drop things on the ground because it's all over the place already - and someone else will clean it up.

Well, don't just leave it up to someone else, go do it yourself. If you see part of the city that needs a clean up, how about you take it into your own hands? And before someone accuses me of not taking my own advice and doing my part, I am, thanks. But it would be impossible to do it all on my own and like hell I'm going to slave away when no one else is lifting a finger. If we don't all get involved then there's no incentive to keep things tidy.

Get out there and do something.


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"This is Judah's voicemail, no need to leave your number, I'll reply as soon as I can."

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